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Baby it’s cold outside.

No, really. It’s really, really, really cold outside. Thanks polar vortex. I already hated winter. Now I’m fairly sure Dante was VERY mistaken when he failed to include a tenth circle of Hell. There is one. It’s called “January in the Midwest.” Ha. #onlyimnotlaughing

Given this information, you can probably imagine it is sort of hard to convince people that yes, photo shoots in the snow are fun. They’re beautiful! It will be great! Just wear a coat (and a parka, mittens, and a space heater). Josh and Lyndsey, however, are not daunted by a polar vortex. They laugh in the face of sub-zero temperatures and they look amazing doing it. Don’t believe me? I have photos to prove it….

You who else is not daunted by cold? Or anything? TODDLERS. Toddlers are fearless, y’all (I know, I have one of my own). This gorgeous girl was no exception. She ran through that snow like a marathon champion. And can she rock a hat like nobody’s business or what? Too cute. 

Thanks for braving the cold with me, Lyndsey, Josh, and Elley!


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