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Be strong.

Starting your business takes a leap of faith. Starting your own photography business in a saturated market – putting yourself, your talents, your dreams, your potential success and failure out there for the whole world to see – that absolutely takes a leap of faith. Maybe for some people, putting themselves out there comes naturally. For me, it doesn’t. I don’t see myself as a confident person. So what changed? I’m not totally sure, but in part I blame this catchy little song by Hillsong Kids Jr. that my daughter likes. It got itself stuck in my head and now the words have settled into my heart as well.

“Be strong and very courageous.”

Usually I think when we hear words like that we associate them with big things. Like, jumping in front of a bus to save someone, leaping from tall buildings, taking a bullet big. Not just following your dreams or using whatever gifts you’ve been given. Not just “blooming where you are planted.” But I’ve decided something recently. I’ve decided following your dreams – whatever they are – is courageous. Using your gifts – whatever they are – to bless others and be a positive force in your world, however small it is – that is brave. Because it is so much easier to stand aside and not put yourself out there. It is so much easier to settle for what is easy than to strive for your wildest dreams and risk failure.

Maybe today you’re up against something really big or something really small. Either way, you have the option of shrinking back in fear or being strong and courageous. It could be having the courage to face another long, boring day at home with your kids without losing your cool. It could be the courage for standing up for something or someone in your school or workplace. Or it could be the courage to pursue the dreams you have relentlessly even in the face of failure. Whatever your choice, I hope you choose to be brave.

*Photo by me, taken at Olympic National Park this past December 2013.