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Blessed with joy.

In life, we have two choices. Choice one is to focus on all the negative, all the things we wish we had, and all the ways the world and the people around us fall short of our expectations. Choice two is instead to focus on our blessings. To instead accept the world and people as they are – imperfect – but intentionally look for the beauty and goodness around us anyway. To make a commitment to love despite wrongs and always choose joy. Because, dear friends, joy – much like love – is a deliberate choice. Like love, it isn’t based on circumstances or material possessions. It’s a perspective.

Right now, I am thankful I have perspective to see how truly blessed I am. There have been hard, hard times in my past (who hasn’t gone through the valley once or twice?) but they only serve to enhance the magnitude and preciousness of all the good around me.

One of the greatest goods – this girl. Oh, this girl. She came into my life on October 21, 2012 and it hasn’t been boring since. We’re buddies. Forever.

Reflect on your blessings today, my friends. The things you take for granted – someone else is out there praying and wishing for those things (thank you Sarah O. for reminding me of that today in a Facebook post – I took it to heart).

And whatever you do – choose JOY. Choose LOVE.



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