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Vacation |Part I

Oh hello there. I really should apologize for letting the blog go a whole week without an update…but, when your husband surprises you with a last-minute escape to Jamaica, you do the sensible thing and pack your bags and go. Of course, if you’re me, you make sure your camera is packed in those bags so as to document every moment possible.

We did lots of beach-combing for shells….
…there were glorious sunsets….
But even on an island paradise, toddlers aren’t always in the mood to be chased by the momerazzi. Oh well. (yes, those are my feet.) Apparently I interrupted her? That face…. I’m so in trouble when she’s a teenager, huh? We did a lot of exploring on the gorgeous resort….We did a lot of laying by the pool….And we even snuck in a game of giant chess…. (anyone else think of Harry Potter? Just me? #imanerd) Aria gave the orders. Obviously. We found and befriended a family of adorable cats. We did a lot of relaxing…at least as much as you can do with a toddler. And we listened to some great local music…and some of us danced and joined in. Aria has some moves, y’all. Of course, there were tears….like this one time when I wouldn’t let Aria run directly in front of a tour bus. I know, I am so mean. Such a fun-killer. #reasonsmykidiscrying Thankfully, there were naps. But mostly it was just us….my little family of three….and a beach. It was great. Seriously, great.

I was a little sorry to leave, but I’m so excited for things coming up that more than anything, I’m energized to be back and ready to dedicate myself to working hard to pursue this little dream of mine.

Interested in more about the resort and what we did? Watch for part II! I’ll make sure to give a full review of the resort, their amazing staff, and what activities we loved (family-friendliness rankings included).

Have an amazing spot you can recommend for a getaway? Tell me about it!!!! I love to travel and swap travel stories! I’m all ears….leave me a comment here or on Facebook!

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