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The (Adorable) Snare Family || Cary, Illinois Family & Lifestyle Photography

When I was in undergrad at Trinity International University, I had the blessing of getting to know this gorgeous girl – Danielle. We had the same major, both worked with student government and the newspaper, and she even hooked me up with a fabulous internship my senior year (thanks girl!). Thanks to good old Facebook, we’ve kept in touch amidst job changes, marriage, and kids. I got the chance to reconnect with Danielle and her (insanely adorable) family a few weeks ago to shoot a lifestyle session for them in their home. To say this family is a joy to photograph would be a huge understatement! Not only are they all really attractive, but their home is warm, inviting, and so obviously full of love. Thank you Snare family for letting me and my camera come hang out with y’all!¬†^ Kid loves trucks. ūüėȬ†Why yes, he is the cutest little cowboy I have ever seen.¬†Too much cute. I can’t even handle them anymore – I mean, really?! Adorable.¬†Mamas and their babies just warm my heart like nothing else!¬†…and then this. I die. This is precious!!!Oh hey there, pretty girl.¬†They have a teepee. Of course. They’re just that cool and adorable. #photographersdreamfamily¬†Yep, they’re adorable. Thanks again Snare family. I heart y’all!!!

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