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It’s almost that day again.

So I know it’s not until tomorrow, but I’m getting head start and posting my sentiments early (I’ll be busy enjoying my day off with my own twoValentines tomorrow). That, and I’ve been excited about sharing the images above of my friends Natalie & Travis ever since we all nearly froze to death last Sunday (side note: had nearly the most embarrassing moment of my life on this shoot – pretty sure poor Natalie and her husband, Travis, thought they might have to take me to the ER mid-shoot. Lesson learned – really cold weather is your enemy. But enough with that!)

Anyway – Natalie & Travis were such good sports & happily braved the freezing temps for the 15 minutes or so we were out in it. They looked so adorable, too. Really, to anyone who sees them, their love for each other is evident. It was such a pleasure to get to take their photos.

Still in the mood for romance? Check out this gorgeous wedding video  – it will blow you away, I promise. I’ve been obsessed with it all week. So beautiful and touching!

Happy Valentine’s Day y’all – whether your are single or have a special someone to share tomorrow with, I hope you remember to live a life full of LOVE regardless of what day it is.