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She’s Mine.

Hi y’all! Hope your Valentine’s Day is off to a nice start this morning. I am home spending the day with this sweet girl. I had some fun Valentine-themed photo ideas I wanted to surprise her dad with, but she wasn’t having any of it.  I don’t know what those moms on Pinterest with the smiling toddlers who pose for photo after pretty photo are doing, but someone needs to clue me in. With the exception of the few less than stellar photos above, the rest of my attempts look like this:

Also, notice her black eye? #motheroftheyearoverhere 🙁 Welcome to the toddler years, I suppose.

We may attempt photos again when she wakes up…but probably not. We’ll probably spend the day coloring in her new jumbo sized princess color book and maybe meet some friends at the indoor pool later (anyone else dying of cabin fever? We sure are.)

Lots of LOVE y’all.