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The Weaver Family

Recently I got the chance to visit Barnacopia to shoot a few photos of a seriously adorable family. Illinois is still experiencing an ice age/forgot this is not Siberia, so any and all photo sessions have since been relegated to indoor locations. I’ve had enough with winter. Hear me, winter? Enough. You’re done now.

Anyway – on the upside, shooting inside this time was not only really good practice for me getting used to challenging lighting and low light scenarios, but I also got to discover a really adorable local place I had no idea about before. Seriously, Barnacopia is great. If you live in the Sauk Valley area, you really should go check it out. Not only does it host a nifty museum with antique cars and farm equipment, but it has a seriously chic and cute bed and breakfast too.

Additional upside – getting to play with these cute kiddos! They were so fun. We made shooting into a game. Ever heard of “photo freeze tag?” Well, we invented it and it’s pretty fun.
^^^ Those eyes!!!! I melt. “Are we done yet?” 😉 LOL!And the cute family award goes to….these guys. Weaver family, you are adorable!