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Andy + Cori // Dixon, IL Courthouse Wedding

Last month, I had the chance to shoot Andy & Cori’s romantic courthouse wedding in Dixon, Illinois. The wedding took place at the new courthouse in Dixon and was a testament to true love and a lifelong commitment of two people dedicated to one another. Witnessed by their friends and family, it was clear to anyone overlooking the small ceremony that these two were simply made for each other.

After the ceremony, we crossed the street to Dixon’s old historic courthouse to take some photos. The beautiful old building served as the perfect backdrop to document the joy of the day – a day I felt truly privileged to document. Andy & Cori – thank you for welcoming me into your wedding day & letting me document your love for each other. Andy&Cori_DixonILwedding_rachaelosbornphotographyrAndy&Cori_DixonILwedding_rachaelosbornphotographyrAndy&Cori_DixonILwedding_rachaelosbornphotographyAndy&Cori_DixonILwedding_rachaelosbornphotographyAndy&Cori_DixonILwedding_rachaelosbornphotographyAndy&Cori_DixonILwedding_rachaelosbornphotographyAndy&Cori_DixonILwedding_rachaelosbornphotographyAndy&Cori_DixonILwedding_rachaelosbornphotographyAndy&Cori_DixonILwedding_rachaelosbornphotographyAndy&Cori_DixonILwedding_rachaelosbornphotographyAndy&Cori_DixonILwedding_rachaelosbornphotographyAndy&Cori_DixonILwedding_rachaelosbornphotographyAndy&Cori_DixonILwedding_rachaelosbornphotographyAndy&Cori_DixonILwedding_rachaelosbornphotographyAndy&Cori_DixonILwedding_rachaelosbornphotographyAndy&Cori_DixonILwedding_rachaelosbornphotographyAndy&Cori_DixonILwedding_rachaelosbornphotography

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