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A day of reveals.

It’s a day of reveals over here….from a new website and blog (check it out!) designed just for me by the super talented Jennifer of Mesmerizing Moments to a baby/gender announcement (oh hey blog world….yep, that’s some of why I’ve been MIA lately).  Which, on that subject, let me just sneak in a big old apology for dropping the ball on the blog – I ended up with fully packed and loaded wedding season (a huge blessing and such a joy, but it took up a lot of my time) and a rougher-than-normal second pregnancy thanks to hyperemesis gravidarum. Keeping up with my booked commitments, being a mom to Aria (who just turned two!) – well, that was about all I could handle. Thankfully, I’m well into my second trimester now, and I’m feeling much better….and I have fun news to share! I think I’ll let Aria share it for me though (she’s cuter and was willing to pose for photos in exchange for pink balloons and blueberry yogurt). Yep – we’re staying TEAM PINK over here and adding another baby girl to the family. And while I know it’s not popular these days to share the name early, no one at Casa Osborn is a good secret keeper and we have never been much for tradition, so the heck with it….we love her name, it’s a done deal, and we’re happy to share that Baby Girl #2 will be called…….Aria is as excited as a two-year-old who doesn’t really quite understand could be (ha), and we’re pretty thrilled she’ll have a sister to grow up with. David (the hubs) and I both grew up in big families and had siblings we were (and still are) so very close to, and we’re so thankful and blessed to be able to give Aria a sister to share life with. In the meantime, no worries world – I’ll be keeping up with my commitments as always and working up till Miss Abby makes her appearance this spring. Of course, it does mean that I won’t be taking on any photography commitments from mid-April through early June so as to give myself and my little family some time to adjust, but then it’s right back into the swing of things for an already packed to the brim 2015 wedding season – and I can’t wait. I can’t think of a single place I would rather be than right here where I am, doing this. So stick around – I have so many past sessions and beautiful weddings to catch you all up on, and so many new things in store!

Welcome back to the blog, friends 😉


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