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Full-time photographer, mom-boss, wife, and dog lover. Probably binging a true crime podcast while I edit. Speaks fluent memes + sarcasm, but loves people. Welcome to my blog.


It’s a day of reveals over here….from a new website and blog (check it out!) designed just for me by the super talented Jennifer of Mesmerizing Moments¬†to a baby/gender announcement (oh hey blog world….yep, that’s some of why I’ve been MIA lately). ¬†Which, on that subject, let me just sneak in a big old apology […]

As a photographer, I am pretty sure I have the best job in the universe. I get to snapshot people’s happiest moments and treasured memories – for a job. #thebest Sometimes, though – oh sometimes! – I have sessions like this. The light was perfect (golden hour heaven). The couple was fun (so fun! they […]

No, really. It’s really, really, really cold outside. Thanks polar vortex. I already hated winter. Now I’m fairly sure Dante was VERY mistaken when he failed to include a tenth circle of Hell. There is one. It’s called “January in the Midwest.” Ha. #onlyimnotlaughing Given this information, you can probably imagine it is sort of […]